How to Rotate Furniture in "The Sims"


In the game "The Sims" you control the world in which your Sims live, including their furniture. Positioning their furniture and decorating their environment is as much a part of the game as orchestrating their personal interactions. You decide what pieces of furniture your Sim buys and where it should go. When placing furniture you may need to rotate a piece to make it usable. For example, if a chair faces the wall, your Sim will protest that she can't sit until you rotate the chair to face a different direction.

  • Click the "Buy Mode" button on "The Sims" control panel. The icon looks like the silhouette of a chair with a standing lamp beside it. This pauses your active game so you can work with game objects.

  • Click the piece of furniture in your Sim's home that you want to rotate. A green outline will appear around the object with an arrow on one side indicating the front of the object.

  • Press the ",<" or ".>" key to turn the object left or right, respectively, or hold down the "ALT" key and press the left mouse button while dragging left or right to rotate the object.

  • Click the object again to confirm the new position.

  • Repeat Steps 2 to 4 for as many pieces of furniture you want to rotate, then click the "Live Mode" button above the "Buy Mode" button to resume your game.

Tips & Warnings

  • Holding down the "ALT" key and dragging to rotate furniture allows you to rotate it to any angle. The keyboard keys allow you to rotate it in 45-degree increments.
  • After you change the position of a furniture piece, test it in "Live Mode" by clicking on the object and selecting one of the interaction commands that pops up. If your Sim can successfully execute the command, then you placed the furniture in a good position.
  • Take care when rotating or placing furniture that you leave room not only for your Sims to reach the interactive part of the object, such as the seat on a chair or the keyboard on a computer, but also that they have enough space to walk around the object if required. A common problem with object placement in "The Sims" is that the object blocks the Sim's path to another object or location in the house.
  • If your Sim stamps his feet and makes a disgusted, whiney noise when attempting to use or pass an object, it means you have a problem with the position of that object.
  • Be careful not to hit the "Delete" key while you have an object selected in "Buy Mode" or you will remove the object from your Sim's house.

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