How to Get a Money Tree in "Sims 3"


Money Tree and other plant seeds appear randomly across the maps of all "The Sims 3" cities. Your Sim will have to actively look for these seeds. The seeds resemble yellow teardrops on the ground. Some locations, such as the Science Facility, are more prone to seed collections than others. Not all seeds have a name when you find them. The identity of "Uncommon," "Special" and "Rare" seeds remains a mystery until you grow them. The Money Tree falls into the "Special" seed category, so you can ignore any "Rare" and "Uncommon" seeds in your search.

Things You'll Need

  • Level 7 or higher Gardening Skill
  • Visit the Cemetery, Science Facility or Military Base in your city to search for seeds on the ground.

  • Hover your mouse over any seed you see. If the seed label reads "Unknown Special Seed, Rarity: Special" it could be a Money Tree seed. A few other plants, such as Life Plant and Flame Fruit, fall into this category as well.

  • Click on the seed and select the command "Pick Up." The seed goes into the personal inventory of your Sim.

  • Return to your home and click your Sim's inventory button.

  • Click the Unknown Special seed and click the command "Plant" or "Plant Many" if you found more than one.

  • Click the ground outside your home to tell your Sim where to plant the seed(s).

  • Click the mound(s) where you planted the seed(s) every day and select the command "Tend Garden" to tell your Sim to take care of the growing plant(s).

  • Repeat step 7 until the seed sprouts and matures. When it is has grown for about five Sim-days, hover your mouse over the plant to learn what it is. A money tree has a distinct peachy-pink foliage that you can instantly differentiate from any fruit tree.

  • Repeat all steps until you grow a Money Tree from an Unknown Special seed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pick up several Unknown Special seeds at the same location to increase your chances of finding a Money Tree.
  • Seeds re-spawn every day, so you can return to same location multiple times to find more of the same seed type.
  • If your Sim takes good care of the Money Tree, it will drop a Money Tree seed before it dies so you can plant another tree.
  • Plants in "The Sims 3" go up in quality if your Sim takes good care of them and fertilizes them with the best fertilizers. A healthy Money Tree will produce more money.
  • Any Sim can pick up "Special" seeds, but only highly skilled Sims with a gardening skill of level 7 or above can plant them.
  • Your Sim must tend the garden every day to keep the plants healthy. If the plants do not receive proper care, they will die.

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