How to Find a Male Chihuahua to Breed With Your Female

Breed only a healthy male Chihuahua with your female.
Breed only a healthy male Chihuahua with your female. (Image: Chihuahua image by PhiMcree from

When breeding your female Chihuahua, you must not only look to her care and background. Equally important is the other half of the mating process: the male Chihuahua. A great deal of time, attention, and thorough investigation should go into your selection of a mate for your female. Failing to do so can lead to a host of problems, including displays of aggression in your female, an unsuccessful mating or sickly and stillborn pups.

Look in your local newspaper or dog-related magazine for advertisements for Chihuahua stud services (this should be under a section marked "animals" or "pets" in the newspaper and "stud" or "breeding" in the magazine.). Call the stud owner and ask to meet the dog, as well as examine a history of his services. Ask for references from other customers and check them out carefully.

Use the Internet to search for studs. This can be done a number of different ways. Post an ad on or another services-exchange site. Search for sites related to Chihuahua breeding, whether done by organizations or professionals. Some breed-specific adoption groups offer stud services to offset their operating costs. Carefully check background and references of any service you use, the same as in your newspaper or magazine search.

Post fliers requesting stud services at your local animal shelter, breeding group, or dog park. Be specific in your needs regarding the physical qualities and temperament that you expect in a male. Make it clear that this will be a paid service, but decline to state the amount -- save those negotiations for when you've found the right stud and his owner.

Tips & Warnings

  • Allow for smooth and timely introductions. Chihuahuas are a finicky breed, and introducing the male at the wrong time can lead the female to reject him. Bring your dogs together, ideally, before the female goes into heat. Allow them to get to know and feel comfortable with one another before the breeding process even begins. Have them play together, eat meals together, and take walks together. This way, when the female does go into her heat cycle, mating with the male will seem a natural extension of their bond.
  • Do not force your female to breed with a male that she is not comfortable with, or will not accept. The result will likely be physical harm to your dog or the male. In extreme cases, the female may have trouble with the pregnancy due to the stress and trauma of a forced mating, leading the way for future problems with your pups.

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