How to Clear Ears Blocked With Wax


Cerumen is another name for ear wax. It is a sticky liquid secreted from your cerumen glands. Earwax protects your ear canal and eardrum from foreign objects. Unfortunately, if too much wax builds up over time, it can cause ear aches, coughing and temporary hearing loss, especially if not treated. You can remove ear wax yourself, but it's always best to get advice from your physician, especially before using any medical or alternative treatment.

Things You'll Need

  • Ear dropper
  • Baby oil or over-the-counter wax softener
  • Water
  • Purchase baby oil or ear wax softener in the pharmaceutical aisle of your nearest store. Examples include Murine, Similasan and Debrox ear drops. You also will find ear droppers in that aisle, which are suitable for all sizes.

  • Add a mixture of water, baby oil or wax softener to a bowl. Stir it up with a spoon. Suck up the mixture with the ear dropper.

  • Lie down sideways and place the drop in the affected ear. Do this twice a day, or as directed by a professional. Soak up extra residue with a cotton ball.

  • Use the drops once a week, after you have successfully cleared your ear wax, to prevent blockages.

Tips & Warnings

  • You will know the drops are working when you feel the wax soften up in your ear.
  • If you have severe wax build up, contact an ear and throat physician who can use water jets or special instruments to help you.
  • After using the ear drops, run warm water in the shower over your head. Let it fall directly in your ear canal, to remove the wax.
  • If you have a history of ear infections, consult your doctor first. Do not try this remedy.
  • Avoid inserting cotton swabs, bobby pins or paper clips in your ear canal.
  • Avoid candling, which could cause pain and set your hair or clothes on fire.

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