How to Calculate Weight Watchers Starting Points

Your Weight Watchers starting point is the allotment of food points allowed per day.
Your Weight Watchers starting point is the allotment of food points allowed per day. (Image: weigh-in image by askthegeek from

The Weight Watchers program utilizes a system of "points" to help you lose weight. Using this point system eases the burden of counting calories consumed and burned. The point system assigns point values to foods, which takes into account their calories and nutritional value. Likewise, the system assigns point values to activities, which burn the consumed calories. Your starting point is the point allotment of food allowed to be consumed per day, given normal activity, and is based on your vital statistics and activity levels.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Weight scale

Weigh yourself and extract the first two digits of your weight in pounds. If your weight is under 100 pounds, you probably don't need Weight Watchers, but you would use the first digit only. As an example, weights of 160 and 90 would use 16 and nine, respectively.

Measure your height. You can do this by standing against the wall with your shoes off and placing a mark on the wall corresponding to the top of your head. Measure from the floor to this mark to measure height. If you are between 5-foot 1 inch and 5-foot 10 inches then add one to the previous figure. If you are over 5-foot 10 inches add two to the previous figure.

Add two to the previous total if you are female -- or add eight if you are male.

Add points based on your age. Add four points if you are 17 to 26, three points if you are 27 to 37, two points if you are 38 to 47 and one point if you are 48 to 58 years old.

Increase the total based on your work's activity level. If you primarily sit during the work day, then add two points. If you walk most of the time -- such as mail carriers -- then add four points. If your have a physically demanding job such as construction, then add six points.

Add 10 points if you are a nursing mom, or just five points if you supplement nursing with formula food.

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