How to Catch a Chipmunk With a Rat Trap


Chipmunks, in small numbers, can be very beneficial to the area around your house. They help spread seeds and control the insect population. If, however, a chipmunk finds its way inside your house or burrows close to your home's foundation, you will need to find a way to remove it. According to the CDC and the National Park Service, chipmunks are known carriers of diseases harmful to humans, including West Nile virus and La Crosse encephalitis. Luckily, you can easily catch a chipmunk with a rat trap. These instructions apply to a rat trap cage, a type of trap that does not kill the animal.

  • Open the trap and place some food inside it. Chipmunks will eat practically anything. Bird seed or pet food are good choices.

  • Arrange the food in a line, leading to the back of the cage. This arrangement will lure the chipmunk to the back of the cage, behind the trip pan. Once the chipmunk is on the far side of the trip pan, the door of the cage will automatically shut.

  • Place the trap where the chipmunk is likely to see it. If the chipmunk is inside your house, corner the chipmunk in one room. Place the trap in that room and shut the door. If the chipmunk is outside, place the trap near its burrow or in an area where you have seen it forage for food.

  • Put the chipmunk, still inside the trap, in your car. Drive at least five miles from your home. If you travel further, the chipmunk will be less likely to return to your home. Open the trap to release the chipmunk.

Tips & Warnings

  • For outside traps, line the bottom of the metal cage with a type of ground covering similar to that found in the area where you are placing the trap. For example, if your ground is covered with pine straw, line the bottom of the cage with pine straw so that the chipmunk does not see or feel the metal base as it enters the trap.
  • Do not handle chipmunks with bare hands.

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