How to Draw Christmas Flowers


Christmas flowers include the traditional red-leafed poinsettia that carries a velvety type texture, various forms of ivy and periodically the leaves from a holly plant. The holly plant provides a deep green color with a shiny coat and sharp pointed ends on all sides of the leaves. These flowers are placed with arrangements that sit on tabletops, become part of wreath arrangements or hang from door posts. Drawing poinsettias and holly involves working with circular shapes and straight lines that become guides for the rest of the detail.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper, blank without lines
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Red, green and yellow pencils
  • Pen, optional


  • Draw a circle where you want the base of the poinsettia to be on a fresh sheet of blank paper. Most of the leaves will overlay this circle, so the poinsettia will end up being larger than this circle when you finish.

  • Draw a slightly off-center smaller circle within the larger circle. This will be the exact center of the finished poinsettia.

  • Draw five or six lines from the outside edge of the inner circle, spacing them evenly around the circle. Make sure the lines go past the larger circle and slightly curve in any direction you choose. These will become the center of your leaves.

  • Start at the outer edge of the inner circle and draw a squiggly line out to the tip of one line you drew. This is one side of a leaf. Repeat with the other side to form a complete leaf.

  • Draw the remaining leaves for each line. If starting a leaf at the center will overlap a leaf you've already drawn, then start and/or end the new leaf from the side of the adjoining leaves that are in place.

  • Make a squiggly line with several jagged points from the outside edge of one leaf. End it in a point, then draw the other side the same way, ending at the side of the adjoining leaf. Place a curved line in the center of this outer leaf.

  • Repeat this with the remaining outer leaves. Erase the outer circle lines to reveal intact poinsettia leaves. Color in the outer leaves green, the remaining inner poinsettia leaves red and the very center yellow.


  • Draw a small circle where you want the center of the holly to be on a fresh sheet of paper. Draw two or three slightly curved lines evenly spaced around this small circle.

  • Start a line from the center of this small circle and draw in a slight arch pattern, stopping on an "up" point, then arc back down in a bridge, so you have more than one scooped line with a point on the side of the leaf. Draw a line the same way down the other side.

  • Complete the leaves on the other lines you've drawn, making sure the end of each leaf has a very pointy tip. Erase the guidelines, leaving only the curved center of each. The length can vary.

  • Color the leaves green and the center circle red.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a soft touch when you apply pressure as you draw. This will make erasing any mistakes easier without leaving hard line impressions.
  • There are pencils and erasers specifically made for drawing sold in national chain retail stores and art stores across the country.
  • Only use a pen if you consider yourself to be an experienced artist and are confident you will be able to successfully cover any mistakes you make as you draw.

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