How to Remove a Band-Aid From Dog Fur


Removing adhesive from your dog's fur can be a sticky task, but it can be accomplished fairly easily using a little preparation. Most Band-Aids will come out of your dog's fur with a minimal amount of discomfort to your dog.

Removing The Band-Aid

  1. Have a helper hold your dog still for you while you work to remove the Band-Aid from your pet's fur. Your helper's job is to keep your pet still and calm while you work. If you believe your pet may bite, use a muzzle to prevent him from doing so. 
  2. Assess the situation to determine how stuck the Band-Aid is in your dog's coat. If the Band-Aid is clinging to a couple of hairs, there really is no reason you can't just give it a quick tug and be done. 
  3. If the Band-Aid appears to be stuck in the fur, apply baby oil to the coat underneath the sticky side of the Band-Aid.
  4. Work the baby oil into the fur and try to get as much of it in contact with the Band-Aid adhesive as possible. The oil will cause the adhesive to lose its stickiness and you'll be able to pull it right off.
  5. Give your dog a good bath and scrub him with dog shampoo. This will remove the oil and any leftover stickiness from his coat.


  • If you are having problems getting the Band-Aid loose at home, take your dog to a professional groomer. The groomer most likely will shave or cut the Band-Aid loose from your dog's coat.

    You can use adhesive removal products to remove Band-Aids in the same way you use the baby oil. These products tend to be a bit more expensive but are effective.

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