How to Make a Commute Short in "SIM City 4"


In SimCity 4 you craft a city from start and guide it to success. Along the way, you will encounter many bumps in the road. If a city's population dwindles or never grows, it could be because the commute time has angered your residents. Your city's lay-out and your commuting options will make it possible for you to reduce the traveling time that your residents must endure.

  • Update your streets into roads, as roads can hold much more traffic and reduce commute time. Add highways when necessary to improve traffic flow. Add railroad tracks alongside roads that receive heavy traffic in your game. This will give your residents an alternative travel option. Look around your city and search for areas that are not serviced by roads or railroads. Add these travel options to those locations as necessary. Connect roads that are located near each other.

  • Place bus systems throughout your city, particularly near intersections. Bus systems should ideally be located near subway stations and near train stations. Add seaports and airports near your other transportation options in order to reduce commute time. Add transportation routes near the edges of your city, as Sims from neighboring cities will also be using your transportation lines.

  • Arrange your city so that residents have close access to industrial and commercial zones. They should also be located near public service zones, such as fire departments, police stations, hospitals, and schools. Place buildings in cells that consist of two rows of three buildings each. Circle each of these cells with roads. Create nine cells in this way with three in each row. The center cell should consist of public service zones.

  • Update your game. Games that have not been patched may incorrectly report that the commute times are too long or too short. Download the sku 1 update from the Sim City 4 website. This should correct commute time errors if other solutions have not worked.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take out a loan to make these improvements to your city if necessary. Although it is an investment, improving the commute time may result in an increase in population. A higher population in your city can mean higher tax earnings.

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