How to Market Cupcakes

The popularity of cupcakes, particularly gourmet cupcakes, has soared in recent years. Cake decorators have expanded their businesses to include these tiny creations, with some bakeries offering only upscale, made-from-scratch confections. Once you've opened your cupcakery, you'll need to bring customers through the door. Use traditional and modern marketing techniques, along with your own creativity, to get them there.


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      Send out a press release to the local media outlets, including newspapers and radio and television stations. Remember: Press releases aren't simply about you; try to create a story that the media can use — have a grand opening, donate cupcakes to a charity or offer free classes to young people. If you can, deliver samples of your creations along with the press release in order to pique interest.

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      Throw a party featuring themed cupcakes. Invite the public and let visitors decorate their own cupcakes.

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      Start a blog. Talk about your business, cupcakes, decorating ideas, events you are having or attending, local "celebrities" who have stopped by (with their permission of course) and anything else people might find interesting about you and your business. Put the URL of your blog on your labels, business cards, brochures and company website.

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      Become a fixture in your community. Go to farmers' markets and other local events. Set up a table, sell your cupcakes and take advance orders.

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      Create whimsical and creative packaging that features your contact information and a gentle reminder to your customers to call again.

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      Provide cheerful delivery to parties and other events.

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      Use social media networks like Twitter to let your customers know about new offers, specials and shop events — and even take orders.

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