How to Get a Replacement CPR Card From the American Heart Association

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The American Heart Association, AHA, offers various training classes at community training centers throughout the country. These locations may be in hospitals or less formal settings such as community centers. Your CPR card is a testament to your knowledge of life-saving techniques and skills that were taught in the AHA course. Upon successful completion, you receive one card. If your AHA CPR card is lost or stolen, you must return to your training center and obtain a new one.

  • Contact the training center where you received the original CPR card via telephone.

  • Ask if you need to bring any pieces of identification or supplementary documents to verify that you attended and completed the American Heart Association's card-granting course. The training center must prove your eligibility to receive a replacement card.

  • Ask how much the a replacement card costs and if there is a preferred payment method.

  • Go to the training center with any required documents and the method of payment.

  • Pay the replacement card fee.

Tips & Warnings

  • The American Heart Association has not placed a set fee for replacement cards, so the training center sets the fee at its own discretion. Examples of the fee range for replacement CPR cards are $10 at Kansas City First Aid and $25 at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.


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