How to Stop Cupcakes From Dropping

Cupcakes, because of their smaller size, are less susceptible to collapsing or dropping in the middle than a full-sized cake. However, this is not to say that cupcakes never collapse. Many different factors can cause a cupcake to fall either during or after baking, resulting in a flat and unsightly-looking cupcake. A skilled cake decorator can cover these faults with icing and frosting, but you can take a couple of precautions to help prevent your cupcakes from dropping in the first place.


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      Measure your baking soda or baking powder carefully, and do not add more than the recipe asks for.

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      Add slightly less baking soda or baking powder if you are baking at an altitude substantially higher than sea level. If you are unsure of how much baking soda or powder to omit, ask a local bakery or pastry shop.

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      Refrain from overmixing your batter. This can cause your batter to take in a lot of air, which will escape as the cupcakes bake and cool, causing your cupcakes to flatten. Undermixing can also cause collapsing cupcakes.

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      Preheat the oven completely before placing your cupcakes into the oven. The cakes may fall if your temperature begins at too low a level.

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      Fill your cupcake molds approximately 2/3 full with cupcake batter. Overfilling may cause the cupcakes to rise too high and the centers of the cupcakes to collapse.

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      Resist opening the oven door to check on your cupcakes in the middle of the baking process. The cupcakes should be kept at a constant temperature throughout the cooking process to prevent collapse.

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