How to Use 3 Lb. Hand Weights for Toning


Although joining a gym and, certainly, hiring a personal training are good ways to combat weight gain and get your body into the shape, the fact is that not everyone can afford them -- and even those who can make lack the time or inclination to take advantage of them. Whatever your situation, you'll be happy to know that you can achieve measurable toning benefits -- even if they're not as dramatic as those you might get from either of the aforementioned arrangements--using simple, 3 lb. hand weights.

  • Tone your arms -- your biceps and triceps -- by performing bicep and tricep curls using your 3 lb. hand weights. Hold your arm straight out in front of you, grip the weight with your fingers pointing toward your body and pull the weight up toward you to perform a bicep curl. To work your triceps, lift the weight above your head with your elbow bent and lower the weight repeatedly, rather than raising it as you would for a bicep curl.

  • Work your abdominal muscles using the weights by holding them to your chest while doing crunches or situps. The extra weight will provide increased resistance as you lift your upper torso skywards, increase the strenuousness with which you work those muscles.

  • Lay flat on your back and raise the hand weights skyward over your chest to work out your pectoral muscles. Although the total weight your apply doing this will be significantly less than you'd do using a bench press or other machinery, it can be a good way to prime your chest for more vigorous workouts, including push-ups.

  • Do squats while holding the 3 lb. weights in your downward-extended arms to work your legs and butt. In addition to providing greater resistance to your muscles as you lift your body back up from the bottom point of the squat, having equal, extra weight at your sides can help you to balance.

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