How to Improve Stamina in Badminton


Despite the relatively small court, badminton requires a high level of stamina and conditioning. Players must have enough stamina to repeatedly sprint, backpedal and side-shuffle at a high-intensity non-stop for bouts that last about six to eight seconds. For your stamina training to be most effective, your conditioning workouts should mimic the intensity and duration of how your body must work during competition.

Shuttle Runs

  • Because of their high intensity, it’s beneficial to incorporate shuttle runs at the end of practice so that fatigue won’t limit your badminton performance. Shuttle runs develop stamina while also improving your ability to change directions quickly. Start at one sideline and sprint to the other. Change directions and sprint back to the starting sideline to complete the first rep. Continue sprinting the width of the court until you’ve completed a total of five reps. Rest for 45 seconds and then repeat, completing a total of 10 sets.

Jump Rope Workouts

  • Jumping rope simultaneously builds stamina and also develops your fast-twitch muscles in the lower body that allow you to move quickly on the badminton court. It’s an activity that when done for short periods, works well when incorporated into a badminton warm-up, but can stand alone as a conditioning drill when done for longer bouts or at a high intensity. Perform five two-foot single hop jumps for bouts of 60 seconds, resting for 60 seconds in between each bout. Add in five two-foot double-under hops for bouts of 30 seconds, giving your body 30 seconds of rest in between the sets.

Cross Court Conditioning Drill

  • The cross court drill builds stamina while also incorporating badminton-specific skill work. Begin at a back corner of the court with a racket in hand. Side shuffle as fast as you can along the baseline to the opposite back corner. Immediately sprint diagonally across the court to the corner of the net and use your racket to make an imaginary forehand or backhand shot. Side shuffle along the length of the net to the opposite corner and then turn and sprint diagonally to return to the corner where you started. Repeat a total of 10 times, allowing for 20 seconds of rest in between each set. Alternate which back corner you begin from with each set.

High-Intensity Circuits

  • Circuit workouts can be structured to mimic badminton demands by assigning a variety of exercises that are done for short bouts at a high intensity. Use walking lunges, side shuffles, jump squats, jumping jacks and jumping rope in your circuit workout to build stamina and develop muscular endurance and power in the hips and legs. Complete an exercise for 60 seconds and then immediately move onto the next one. Once you’ve gone through all five exercises, take a two minute rest and repeat the exercises, completing the circuit a total of three times.

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