How to Kill Asian Beetle Infestations


The Asian beetle, or Harmonia axyridis, was once a native to China, Russia, Korea and Japan. The beetle is now prevalent throughout the United States. While some forms of ladybugs are considered to be beneficial to gardeners and farmers, the Asian variety has emerged as a nuisance. Asian ladybugs have a tendency to find their way into homes, in search of a place to reside during the winter, according to the University of Arizona. Infestations can cause aggravation and will require methods of extermination.

Things You'll Need

  • Permethrin insecticide
  • Vacuum
  • Nylon stocking
  • Rubber band
  • Diatomaceous Earth insect killer


  • Purchase a permethrin insecticide. Permethrin is designed to overstimulate an insect's nervous system. The chemical damages internal organs of insects, thereby killing them.

  • Shake the spray bottle to mix contents. Spray a barrier around the exterior and interior of your home. Thoroughly saturate the exterior base of your home to prevent Asian beetles from entering. Spray windows and doors.

  • Repeat the spraying as necessary. Many permethrin sprays provide protection for up to four weeks. Spraying prior to winter will prevent an infestation of the beetles.


  • Insert a nylon stocking into the hose of your vacuum cleaner, which will catch ladybugs, according to the University of Minnesota. The closed portion of the stocking should be placed inside the hose. Wrap the open end of the stocking around your vacuum hose. Secure the stocking in place with a rubber band.

  • Turn the vacuum on and suck up beetles found within your home. Turn the vacuum off once you've captured the Asian beetles.

  • Close the open end of the socking and remove it from your vacuum. Use the rubber band to seal the stocking and throw away the stocking.

Diatomaceous Earth

  • Use diatomaceous earth, which is designed for insect killing. This product can be purchased at hardware stores. Diatomaceous earth is crushed fossilized shells that come in a powdery form. The powder adheres to insects and kills them.

  • Sprinkle a layer of diatomaceous earth around the interior and exterior of your home. Pay close attention to the foundations and areas where the Asian beetles pass through.

  • Reapply diatomaceous earth if wind or water clears the powder away from the exterior of your home. Treat your home with diatomaceous earth one a month to kill Asian beetles and keep them away from your home.

Tips & Warnings

  • DE is non-toxic and a safer method of killing insects.
  • Don't spray permethrin around your children or pets, and keep children and pets away from the permethrin spray until it has dried.
  • Wash any permethrin spray from your skin if you accidentally come into contact with the spray.

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