How to Unlock all Costumes in "Tales of Vesperia"


"Tales of Vesperia" was released in 2008 for the XBOX360 console. It is an RPG anime-style game and is included in the video game series "Tales." Some characters that you use through the game have a variety of unlockable costumes. You can unlock them by getting new titles with the character, which is typically done by completing a side-quest in the game. You can also unlock some costumes by dressing your character in alternate clothing.

  • Obtain Yuri's costumes by completing the following tasks. Speak to Drake once Aurnion building is complete, after Estelle gets her Noble Princess title, to get the "certified soldier" costume. Talk to the couple chatting in Nordopolica. Stay in the Inn, which will teach you shining eagle. Once you arrive in Ba'ul, you need to talk to the man located next to the oasis. Rest at the inn once more to get the "dark enforcer" costume. Complete all the secret missions and talk to Flynn when you're done to get the "dark knight" costume.

  • Unlock Estelle's alternative costumes by completing these tasks. Lure the guard away when in Heliord to get the "enchanting Belle" costume. You can alternatively go to the item shop and give it three cockatrice claws, cheagle fur and two spirit fragments. Play the evil waiter mini-game in Dahngrest to get the "gracious waitress" costume. Heal at every opportunity to obtain a total of 15 million hit points to get the "dedicated paramedic" costume. The doctor at Aurinon's inn gives it to you. View the Yumanju scene to automatically receive the "massage therapist" costume. Play an event at Nam Cobanda to get the "heroic actress" costume. Get the "magical maiden" title and costume by completing the 100-man melee with her.

  • Get the "girly" costume with Karol by using him to distract the guard in Heliord. You get the "lunch lady" costume by finishing the waiter mini-game in Dahngrest. The "brilliant support" costume is available after you play one event in Nam Cobanda Isle. Viewing the Yumanju scene to get the "towel fanatic" costume. Visit Keiv Moc before you reach the final dungeon to get the "golden soldier" costume. Finally, complete all warehouses to get the "warehouse master" costume.

  • Get the "kitty cat waitress" costume by completing the waiter mini-game in Dahngrest with Rita. Obtain the "seeker" costume by dealing damage with her and talking to Halure once you get near the end of the game. You need to fetch all books and talk to Kowz, who is in Nam Cobanda, to get the Miska "doctoral degree" costume. Play any event in Nam Cobanda to get the "spotlight hog" costume. Viewing the Yumanju scene gives you the "fashionista" costume.

  • Get over 100 skills with Raven to get the "shining star" costume. Get the Imperial Knights captain title by entering Dahngrest's headquarters. Talk to Kaufman, and then Zaude. Finally, visit LeBlanc, who is in Zaphias. The waiter mini-game gives you the "gentleman" costume.

  • Use Judith to lure the guard in Heliord to get the "sultry tempest" costume. You get the "into the sky" costume by doing 1,000 FS chains after you get the "super dragon rider." The Dahngrest waiter mini-game gives you the "glamorous maid" costume. Get the "legendary gambler" costume once you view the scenes with Kaufman in Nam Cobanda Isle. Viewing the Yumanju events gives you the "enchanting beauty" costume.

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