How to Water Roses With Drip Irrigation


Drip irrigation provides a slow flow of water at the base of the rose plant. Drip irrigation conserves water and is easy to use. Install the drip irrigation system at the beginning of the year and simply connect it to the hose, as needed, to water the roses.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/2-inch drip irrigation hose
  • Utility knife
  • Emitters
  • T-fittings and elbows
  • Mulch
  • Build the drip irrigation system to fit your rose bed. This includes 1/2-inch drip hose with emitters placed every 18 inches. Hoses with integrated emitters are available, or you can cut the hose with a sharp utility knife and fit the emitters into the hose. A bib adapter connects the drip irrigation system to the garden hose. Unless your rose garden is a long single row you need to shape your system to the rose garden layout. Place elbows to make 90 degree turns in the drip irrigation system or T-fittings to divide the system down multiple rows of roses.

  • Place the drip irrigation system in the garden with the emitter placed at the base of each rose bush. Emitters allow the water to "leak" from the system and water the plant. Cover the system with mulch. Monitor the mulch through the season and add additional mulch if the drip irrigation system becomes visible.

  • Connect the garden hose to the drip irrigation system. Each emitter releases 1 gallon of water per hour no matter what the water pressure of the system is or the distance the emitter is from the water source. Check the emitters every few days to make sure they don't clog with dirt and cease to function. Move aside a bit of the mulch after the system has run for a time and make sure the ground is wet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Assemble the drip irrigation system by sliding the fittings within the hose. It doesn't require glue or clamps to fit the components together.
  • Add a timer to the system to completely automate the drip irrigation process. Continue to monitor the emitters to make sure they remain free of clogs.

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