How to Install Bullet Pavers


Bullet pavers are a type of paving stone that are shaped like a bullet. One of the best parts about this type of paver is it is easy to install because of its shape---bullet pavers fit together in a nice, simple pattern when you lay them down for installation. Also, installing the pavers yourself can save you quite a bit of money compared with the cost of hiring a mason or contractor to do the job for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Four wood stakes
  • String
  • Shovel
  • Mesh screen
  • Scissors
  • Flexible edge and spikes
  • Rubber mallet
  • Plate compactor
  • Gravel
  • Rake
  • Sand
  • Flat board
  • Bullet pavers
  • Broom
  • Measure and mark off your installation area. Pound a wood stake in each of the four corners for the area you want to install the bullet pavers. Tie a string around the outside of the wood stakes.

  • Excavate the area so you have a hole that is 10 inches deep.

  • Cut the mesh screen so it fits on the ground within the excavation area, and cover the ground with the screen. This helps prevent weeds from growing up through the spaces between your bullet pavers.

  • Install the edging by lining the flexible edge around the inner wall of the excavation area. Secure the edging by tapping the stakes through the slots in the edging and into the ground.

  • Dump a 3-inch layer of crushed gravel into the excavation area. Smooth it out with a rake so you have an even layer of gravel all the way across.

  • Compact the gravel with a plate compactor by running the plate compactor over the entire gravel surface several times.

  • Dump a 1-inch layer of sand on top of the gravel. Smooth out the sand by dragging a flat board across it.

  • Install your bullet pavers one row at a time, starting in any corner. Push each paver flush against the next one, and tap them into place lightly with the rubber mallet. Continue this process until you have installed all of the pavers and covered the sand surface.

  • Dump sand on top of the bullet pavers. Use a broom to sweep the sand around and fill the small spaces between the pavers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before you start excavating the hole for your pavers, call 811, a national "Call Before You Dig" number that can protect you from underground utility wires. They will send somebody to mark off any areas you shouldn't dig. It's free.

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