My iPhone Is Not Recognizing the SIM Card After Using Bootneuter

If you've jailbroken your Apple iPhone using Bootneuter and now your iPhone doesn't recognize your SIM card, a restore of the device is in order. Before the program jailbroke your iPhone, iTunes created a backup of your iPhone's settings on your computer. Access this backup via iTunes to get your device in working order again. The backup information will restore the use of your SIM card, allowing you to use the phone and its data connection.


    • 1

      Plug the long, flat end of your iPhone's USB cable into the base of your iPhone.

    • 2

      Plug the regular USB plug on your iPhone's USB cable into your computer. Your operating system will now recognize your attached iPhone and open the iTunes software, unless you have manually told it to stop doing so automatically. If iTunes does not open automatically, use its desktop icon to launch the application.

    • 3

      Right-click your iPhone's icon in the iTunes window.

    • 4

      Click "Restore from Backup." Click "Restore" to restore the original operating system onto your iPhone, allowing you to use your SIM card once again.

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