How to Hide a TV Cable Box in a Wall

Hiding or concealing a cable box in a wall can be done if you do not want the box to be seen sitting on the floor or on a TV stand. To do this you will need to first construct a box shelf that will be recessed in the wall. Once the shelf has been constructed, you can set the cable box in place. However, you will first need to determine where on the wall you want to place the cable box.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder
  • Drywall saw
  • 1/2 inch plywood
  • Table saw
  • Nail gun
  • Finish nails
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  1. Prepare the Wall

    • 1

      Measure up from the floor to where you want the cable box. Make a mark on the wall with a pencil.

    • 2

      Locate the studs in the wall with the stud finder. Mark the location of the studs with the pencil.

    • 3

      Measure the height of the cable box with the tape measure and then add one quarter of an inch to the measurement.

    • 4

      Transfer the measurement to the wall and create an outline of a rectangle with a straight edge. Cut out the rectangle with a drywall saw.

    Create the Shelf

    • 5

      Measure the length of the cable box and the distance between the wall studs, with a tape measure.

    • 6

      Cut two pieces of half-inch plywood, with a table saw, that matches the cable box's width and height.

    • 7

      Cut two additional pieces of half-inch plywood that matches the length of the cable box and the distance between the wall studs.

    • 8

      Construct a small box from the pieces of plywood. Secure the pieces together by using finish nails, with the nail gun.

    • 9

      Insert the box shelf into the hole you cut into the drywall. Secure the shelf to the wall studs by using the nail gun. Set the cable box inside the box shelf.

Tips & Warnings

  • Route the cables up through the wall to connect them to the cable box.

  • Do not run the electrical cord for the cable box through the wall because this will create a fire hazard if there is a short.

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