How to Improve the MPG on a Power Stroke 6.0 L

The Ford 6.0L PowerStroke engine is designed for power and hauling, but not particularly for fuel economy. This eight cylinder engine is capable of producing up to 325 horsepower. While pickup owners generally accept the fact that it's going to cost more to fuel their vehicles, there are small ways that they can improve their overall fuel economy.


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      Change the way you drive. If you have a lead foot and do a lot of aggressive driving in your 6.0 PowerStroke, you will definitely feel the pinch at the pump. It is best to reduce speed when possible and avoid quick accelerations.

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      Switch to two wheel drive when possible. Although four wheel drive is useful in bad weather and in bad terrain, it requires the use of more fuel. Only switch to four wheel drive when it is absolutely necessary.

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      Combine trips. If you have a load to haul and another trip to make in the same direction, consider combining the two. Any time that you can make fewer trips it translates to saving more fuel.

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      Use your Cruise. Cruise control helps your vehicle stay at a consistent speed and a consistent rate of RPM's. This helps your 6.0L PowerStroke function more efficiently. On long highway trips, set the cruise control to slightly below the speed limit to save fuel.

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      Haul less. Clean out your bed and trailer and remove things you don't need to haul. Every pound less that you carry will help you save more at the pump.

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