How to Register a Car Online in Idaho

If your car registration is up for renewal in the State of Idaho, you can save time by completing the process online. However, you must be a resident of one of 30 Idaho counties to take advantage of the online registration process. The fee for the online registration process is three percent of the registration renewal price plus $1, as of December 2010. The fee is required by the vendor; it's not kept by the Transportation Department.

Things You'll Need

  • Registration renewal postcard
  • Major credit card
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      Click the "Internet Explorer" icon on your task bar. Navigate to the Idaho Transportation Department website. Hover your mouse above the "DMV" tab from the top menu selection and click on "Online Services" from the drop down menu. Click on the link for "Vehicle Registration Renewal," which shows a picture of a license plate.

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      Type in your postcard number in the space provided. The number is listed under "Car Number" on the postcard. Type in your license plate number and click "Continue."

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      Review your vehicle information on the next page. The vehicle's year, make, model and VIN must be correct. Click the color of your car from the drop down menu and enter your phone number in the space provided; click "Continue."

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      Look at your address to ensure it's correct. If it's not, click on "Change Address" and enter a new address. Otherwise, click on the "Continue" button. A new page comes up. Click the appropriate box for the one- or two-year registration option (prices are displayed).

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      Type in your billing information in the spaces provided. Include your telephone and email address so you can be contacted in case of an error. Click on the "Next" button.

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      Type in your credit card number, card type and expiration date. Click "Next" to complete your order. The Idaho Transportation Department advises printing out the receipt page from the confirmation and keeping it in the glove compartment until your paperwork arrives.

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