How to Share Classroom Computer Screens

Technology use in the classroom is an integral part of learning in many schools. As eSchool News says, “Research has shown that technology can, indeed, help improve teaching and learning when used wisely-and companies have responded in kind, creating hardware, software, and other devices that give teachers innovative ways to engage students, improve retention, and make learning more interactive.” Sharing computer screens is a tool to help make this happen. Teachers can demonstrate and illustrate concepts and concrete steps to accomplishing a task, as well as help students individually from the front of the classroom. Students can work collaboratively and share project results.

Things You'll Need

  • Computers
  • Sharing software or hardware
  • Display screen or empty whiteboard


  1. Computer Screen Sharing

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      Use digital projectors, either wired or wireless, as a way to share one classroom computer screen at a time. Make use of this type of projector to share presentations with the entire class. Short throw projectors are a newer technology that allows the projector to be installed close to the screen This helps eliminate shadows and light in the eyes of the presenter. Because these projectors create larger pictures from shorter distances, they work well in the classroom.

      You can also connect as many as 32 computers and display up to four of them simultaneously with the InFocus IN3900 Interactive Projector. Instructors can interact with the images through the use of a wireless wand.

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      Monitor and supervise student computer use with NetOp Vision 6, a multi-purpose application. Access each screen remotely, either individually or as a whole class. Instructors can use this software to monitor each student’s computer use and take control of screens (either individual or the entire group) to provide individual help or demonstrate a technique.

      The virtual teacher mode allows an individual student to share screens with classmates. Install this windows software remotely across participating student computers. Teachers control the software through the Vision6 dashboard.

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      Share any active computer with Classpot by Tidebreak, an interactive software that allows students and teachers to collaborate by interacting with displayed screens.. Share individual computer screens in a public display as a view-only or interactive workspace.

      This software runs on both PC and Mac computers and is delivered to the client computer through a built-in web server.

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