How to Substitute Superfine Sugar

Granulated sugar refers to several distinctly different types of sugar which are distinguished by the size of the individual grains. Regular white sugar or table sugar has relatively large particles. Fruit sugar, castor sugar and baker's sugar are all granulated sugars that have smaller particles than table sugar. Superfine sugar, also known as ultra fine or bar sugar, is the smallest type of granulated sugar. It differs from powdered sugar in the fact that it is a very fine granulated sugar rather than table sugar that has been crushed.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring cup(s) or spoon(s)


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      Measure out an amount of superfine sugar equal to the regular table sugar in the recipe. There is no need to increase or decrease the amount of superfine sugar relative to the table sugar in the recipe.

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      Add the superfine sugar to the recipe at the same time and in the same way as you would have added the regular granulated sugar. Superfine sugar dissolves more quickly than regular table sugar due to the smaller size of the particles. This should not affect the recipe, however, except possibly to reduce the necessary stirring time to dissolve the sugar.

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      Substitute an equal amount of regular granulated sugar for superfine sugar if you need to reverse this substitution. If the recipe requires the sugar to dissolve quickly, place the regular granulated sugar in a blender and blend it into a finer powder. While this substance is structurally similar to powdered sugar rather than superfine sugar, it will dissolve easily.

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