How to Convert AED to Rupees

The Arab Emirates dirham (AED) is the unit of currency in the United Arab Emirates. Each dirham is divided into 100 fils. The Indian rupee (INR) is divided into 100 paise. Traveling from the United Arab Emirates to India requires the traveler to exchange dirhams into rupees. Likewise, an Indian traveler returning from the United Arab Emirates to India will need to exchange her currency. There are various ways to exchange AED into rupees.


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      Use your local bank to exchange your money into rupees by using an online currency converter and then taking the correct amount of AED to buy the required amount of rupees. The conversion rate is 1 AED is equal to 12.4 rupees, as of Nov. 28, 2020, for example, but this rate fluctuates on a daily basis. If you require 100 AED worth of rupees, you simply multiply 100 by the current exchange rate to work out how many rupees you will get for your money. You may need to give your bank a few days of notice in order for them to reserve the currency.

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      Alternatively, use an online currency exchange service. Online sites may offer security and save time and money, but there are restrictions on sending rupees out of India. The organization sending Indian rupess out of India needs to check government regulations. So, careful planning and checking with your local bank will be required if this is the route you take to exchange AED into Rupees.

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      Exchange AED into rupees at an airport. The currency exchange booths are located before you go through customs, so be sure to change your money before going through to arrivals. The exchange rate may not be as favorable when purchasing currency in this way.

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