How to Troubleshoot a 1993 Ford F150 Engine

There are many things that can go wrong with a 1993 Ford F150 engine; not due to severe engineering or mechanical flaws, but as a result of age. By now, a 1993 Ford F150 engine has undergone years of routine wear and tear. Sometimes, when a problem crops up, the troubleshooting process can be difficult, especially since every symptom can have multiple causes. There is a way to quicken the troubleshooting process. Although old, the Ford still has a Electronic Engine Control diagnostic system, which can assist you.

Things You'll Need

  • Jumper wire
  • Pen
  • Paper


    • 1

      Climb into the F150 driver's seat. Place the pen and paper on the navigator's seat for later use. Insert your key into the engine, and start the engine. Let the engine idle until the F150 has reached the normal operating temperature. Turn off the engine.

    • 2

      Open the hood, and look for the components titled "Self Test Outlet" (STO) and "Self Test Input" (STI). The STO is bulky with six sides. It also hast six outlet ports. Next to it, you will find the STI. It is a smaller, single outlet port on a wire.

    • 3

      Connect the STI and STO with jumper wire. Insert one end of the wire into the STI, and connect it with the lowest left port on the STO.

    • 4

      Return to the driver's seat, and reinsert your key into the F150 ignition. Turn to "On," but leave the engine powerless.

    • 5

      Pick up your pen and paper from the navigator's seat. Count how many times the "Check Engine" light flashes. You will see long flashes, signifying the first number in the code. This will be followed by shorter flashes, which signify the second number of the code. Write down all the numbers the "Check Engine" light relays to you.

    • 6

      Turn the key to "Off," and remove it from the ignition. Remove the jumper wire from the STO and STI, and shut the hood.

    • 7

      Visit a Website dedicated to first-generation On-Board Diagnostics. OBD-I codes differ by vehicle manufacturer. Search for Ford flash codes.

    • 8

      Copy the EEC-IV coding definition onto the same paper you wrote the code numbers. Place the appropriate definition with the corresponding code number.

    • 9

      Return to the F150, and open the hood. Investigate the engine locations that correspond with the codes on your list.

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