How to Make Mohawk Ponytails

The mohawk ponytail gives the illusion of a mohawk hairstyle without shaving the sides of the head. To do this, the hair on the sides must be pulled tightly so that it lays flat against the head while the hair on top is teased. To prepare your hair for this style, have your hair freshly washed and conditioned, then blow dry and straighten with a flat iron.

Things You'll Need

  • Brush
  • Hair clip
  • Hair spray
  • Large elastic band
  • Hair pins


    • 1

      Section off the hair on the top of your head above the eyebrow line and clip.

    • 2

      Brush hair on each side straight back. Wrap the elastic band around the hair in the back several times until it's very snug

    • 3

      Remove hair clip and tease the hair on top by pulling it up with a comb and spraying with hairspray. Tease the hair up and back so that it doesn't fall to the sides. Twist the end and pin in the back, covering the elastic.

    • 4

      Set with hairspray.

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