How to Make Stuff Out of Tootsie Rolls

The classic Tootsie Roll candy has been around since 1896, when they were sold for just 1 cent each. This little candy with a big history is now available in many flavors, colors and sizes. Kids will love making crafts out of candy; not only is it fun, but you can eat it when you're done. The pliable rolls can be squished into all kinds of shapes, combined to build sculptures, and cut into pieces for small decorations on cakes or gingerbread houses.

Things You'll Need

  • Rolling pin
  • Microwave
  • Knife
  • Cookie cutters (optional)
  • Stencils (optional)
  1. How to Make Tootsie Rolls Into Shapes

    • 1

      Buy a large variety pack of Tootsie Rolls so you have many colors and sizes available to use. Divide the rolls by color, and put each type in its own individual bowl or on a plate. Unwrap the rolls.

    • 2

      Microwave a plate of Tootsie Rolls for only a few seconds until the rolls can be easily pressed and molded. Do not allow the Tootsie Rolls to get so hot that they would burn your fingers. If you accidentally overheat them, simply wait for them to cool.

    • 3

      Flatten the Tootsie Roll lump on a bread board, cutting board, or wax paper using a rolling pin.

    • 4

      Cut out shapes in the Tootsie Roll with the cookie cutters. Use the stencil by placing it on top of the flat Tootsie Roll “dough” and cutting out the shapes by following the outline with a knife. Children can use a butter knife for this task; smaller shapes will be too difficult to cut with a duller knife.

    • 5

      Repeat for all the colors of Tootsie Rolls. Try stacking some shapes to make animals; for instance, make one large circle and two smaller ones for a bear's head with ears. Then make three very small circles for eyes and a nose, and a thin line for a mouth. Set the shapes aside when you are done molding them. They will become stiffer as they cool.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try rolling together two types of warm Tootsie Rolls to make tie-dye, camouflage, or other patterns.
  • As the Tootsie Roll “dough” cools, it will become firmer and more difficult to shape. Warm it for a few seconds to return it to a malleable consistency.
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