How to Increase Fuel Mileage With a Turbo

A turbo engine is generally synonymous with poor gas mileage. The reasoning behind adding a turbo option is to make a car go faster, and more fuel is used in the process. However, just because your car is a turbo doesn't mean you have to be resigned to bad fuel economy. With a few easy tweaks and some changes in your driving style, you can increase your overall miles per gallon.


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      Obey the speed limit. It is tempting to go over the posted speed limit, especially when you have a turbo engine, but doing so will dramatically reduce your gas mileage. A turbo engine does function better at higher speeds, but the trade-off is paying more to keep it running. When possible, drive within the posted limits, or even a few miles below to increase your gas mileage.

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      Use cruise control. If your vehicle has this option, it will help your turbo engine get better gas mileage. Maintaining a set speed without variations in acceleration or deceleration improves engine efficiency and uses less gas. This may be difficult in city driving situations, but whenever possible, utilize the cruise control.

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      Reduce the number of starts and stops. Try to plan a route to your destination that will have the least amount of stoplights and heavy traffic. This will help your turbo engine function more efficiently.

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      Maintain your turbo vehicle properly. Any car, if not maintained properly, will not function as well. Schedule regular oil changes and keep your car serviced according the manufacturer's recommendations. A turbo engine may require more attention, particularly if you are putting your vehicle through its paces on a regular basis.

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      Reduce idling time. This is a major issue for drivers stuck in congested city traffic. If you anticipate that your car will be idling for a long time and it does not appear that traffic is moving, turn off your car. This can save a significant amount of gas and help increase the overall life of your turbo engine.

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