How to Build a Plastic Sled

Children and adults love when winter rolls around because that means it's time to play in the snow. An all-time favorite snow activity is sledding. Purchasing a decent sled could cost you more than $100, but most kids just want a device that will shoot them down the hill quickly and safely for some adrenaline-filled fun. Plastic is a great sledding material and easy enough to find around your home. With some simple tools and inexpensive materials you can make your own sled.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat piece of plastic
  • Drill
  • Rope
  • Plastic covered foam or outdoor-safe seat cushion
  • Epoxy


    • 1

      Find a plastic material in your home or garage that your child will safely fit into. It should have as flat a bottom as possible but having side lips will make it safer. A large plastic serving dish, round storage bin, or kid pool works great.

    • 2

      Drill two holes approximately shoulder width apart from each other into the front of your plastic material. If drilling into the lip, make sure the holes are far back enough that pulling on them during sledding would not cause them to snap.

    • 3

      Thread a piece of durable rope or cord through the holes with the loop toward the interior of the plastic bin and tie large knots on each end so that the cord cannot slip through the hole. Tie the cord around the plastic lip for more security.

    • 4

      Apply epoxy or another industrial strength adhesive to secure an outdoor cushion to the inside of the plastic bin. Leave at least a few inches between the top of the cushion and the lip of the sled to reduce the chances of falling off the device. A plastic covered cushion is best so it won't absorb melted snow, but water resistant outdoor cushions are fine as well.

    • 5

      Let the glue to your cushion dry. Check your knots for firmness and durability.

Tips & Warnings

  • Choose a thick plastic that can withstand some weight and avoid those that bend or warp when you press on them normally.
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