Instructions for the Olevia Remote RC-LTU

Remote controls use pre-programmed infrared codes to control electronic devices fitted with infrared ports. Universal remote control give users the ability to program infrared codes into them, allow users to control a wider variety of devices than device specific remote controls. If you want to control your Olevia Syntax television and all of your audio/video components, the Olevia RC-LTU universal remote control is the perfect solution.


  1. Basic Operation

    • 1

      Press the RC-LTU's "Source" button to toggle between your available audio and video sources. Use the "Audio" button to toggle the quality of your audio sources between mono, stereo and SAP.

    • 2

      Use the "hotkeys" (located near the bottom of the remote control) to access menu functions directly. This avoids navigating through the onscreen menu.

    • 3

      Use the "-" button to access any available sub channels to the channel you are currently viewing. Us the "Ch Rtn" (Channel Return) button to return to the previous channel.


    • 4

      Reference the RC-LTU's component code list to find the four-digit code of the device you wish to control (see References). Press the function button on the remote control to toggle through components, like TV or DVD, and to select the device type you wish to control.

    • 5

      Use the remote control's keypad to enter in the device's code. Hold the "Enter" and "Function" buttons simultaneously until the remote control's LED indicator begins to flash.

    • 6

      Test the remote control's connection with the newly set up component. Press the power button to turn the unit on or off. Alternatively, you can press the remote control's volume button to see if the component's display responds to the volume change.

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