How to Adjust the Legs for a Washer and Dryer

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Adjustable legs on the washer and dryer are not there to raise them to a height more convenient for you. The adjustable legs accommodate for an uneven floor. Loud noises, vibrations and shaking are all signs your washer isn't level. A washer that isn't level can also "walk" its way across your laundry room floor. Dryers that aren't level can also vibrate, shake and create loud noises. Some dryers require proper leveling in order for the dryer to operate correctly and dry your clothes. Make the adjustments to level your appliances to keep them in proper working order.

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  1. Place a level on top of your washer and against the sides of the washer to check which legs need adjusting.

  2. Lift the washer up and place it on a block of wood. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the locknut clockwise, loosening it. Turn the feet with your hands clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust them either up or down.

  3. Remove the block of wood from beneath the washer and check the washer with the level. Continue adjusting the legs up or down until the level indicates the washer is level.

  4. Lock the washer’s legs in place by turning the locknut counterclockwise.

  5. Position the level on top of your dryer from left to right and from front to back, checking which dryer legs need adjusting.

  6. Prop the dryer up with a piece of wood. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the legs clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust them up or down.

  7. Remove the wood from beneath the dryer and check the dryer to see if it is level. Continue adjusting the legs of the dryer up and down with the adjustable wrench until the dryer is level.

  8. Turn the locknut counterclockwise on the dryer legs to secure the legs in place. Depending on the manufacturer and model, your dryer may not have locknuts to lock the legs in place.




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