How to Test My 3G Speed

If you are connecting to the Internet using either your cell phone or a broadband connection by your cellular provider, the 3G speed may only be as strong as the provider's network. Testing your 3G speed will allow you to determine if you are benefiting from the cost you may be paying for your data access using 3G. There are some sites where you can test the speed on your cell phone, while other sites are only available if you are using the phone as a mobile hotspot to connect to the Internet.

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      Access a 3G speed checking website. 3G speed websites will simulate a download and upload and based on the time of a complete download/upload will determine your speed. These services are free and can be accessed through the browser of your cell phone. and are examples. You can also download applications if you're using an iPhone to conduct speed tests.

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      Select 3G for the speed test option.Some sites like allows you to conduct tests on a Wi-Fi, 3G and Edge Internet connection.

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      Wait for the test to complete, which takes less than one minute. The test results will inform you of your upload and download speed, as well as the time it took for the file to be downloaded. Take multiple tests from at least two speed tests to get an average speed.

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