DIY Mole & Vole Extermination


People often confuse moles with voles, but the two critters aren't the same. Moles dig through your yard eating grubs, which in a way is helpful; voles dig through your yard eating your plants. The main thing moles and voles have in common is the fact that they both create tunnels and damage the grass wherever they burrow. To remove these pests, you might try using a simple tunnel trap.

Things You'll Need

  • Trap
  • Hand trowel
  • Dig into a mole or vole tunnel that you find along the surface of the ground. You can usually locate the tunnels by the raised earth. Wait a day to see if the tunnel is repaired. If it is, the tunnel is active.

  • Dig into the ground at a section of the tunnel. Remove the top of the tunnel so that you can see down to the bottom.

  • Set a trap in place in the section of cut-out tunnel and set it. Use the directions of the type of trap you bought. It may require that you dig down below the floor of the tunnel.

  • Fill in any gaps around the trap to seal off light and cast the tunnel back into darkness.

  • Check on the trap every day until you have caught the perpetrator.

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