Vexilar FL-18 Instructions

The Vexilar FL-18 is a three-color flasher depth reader and fish finder. The FL-18 assists in locating fish while searching in open waters or ice fishing. The finder features the Vexilar Bottom Lock, which stays locked onto the specific depth even if the boat is bouncing on the waves. It also comes equipped with an auto-zoom feature that can be used while ice fishing and a shallow-water mode for fishing in waters of less than 15 feet. Installing the Vexilar FL-18 properly is essential to it working correctly. It is compatible with all FL series transducers.


  1. Installation

    • 1

      Find a place to mount the FL-18. Vexilar suggests that it could be mounted to a boat seat, deck or dash. Remove the FL-18 from the gimbal bracket. Attach the bracket to the chosen surface using the supplied hardware.

    • 2

      Connect the power supply. Take the three-pin connector and attach it to the back of the unit. Take the other end of the plug and connect it to a 12-volt power source. You may use extension cords to do this if necessary.

    • 3

      Install the supplied transducer or an FL-series transducer of choice according to specific transducer instructions. Types of transducers can include high-speed, Ice-Ducer or puck-style, depending on your needs.

    Operating Instructions

    • 4

      Locate the FL-18 control panel, which will include a power switch, range control, mode setting and gain control. Use the power knob to turn on the system.

    • 5

      Choose your depth range. The depth can range from 20 to 200 feet and can reach 300 feet on the Custom Deep Unit.

    • 6

      Decide which mode to use the FL-18 with. The normal position; low-power mode, which is used for shallow water; and AZ (also known as the auto-zoom mode) are all available on the model.

    • 7

      Locate the gain control knob on the top control panel. Typically, the gain must be set higher when reaching deep ocean depths. The gain controls the amount of signal you see on the display, with zero being the lowest and ten being the highest.

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