Tecumseh Engines: How to Install a Magneto Coil

Tecumseh is a small engine manufacturer, whose engines are commonly used on lawn and garden equipment such as mowers, roto-tillers, pressure washers and more. Older Tecumseh engines utilized points and a condenser as part of the ignition system to create spark for the spark plug. However, newer models utilize a solid-state magneto coil that is positioned next to the flywheel. If the engine has no spark, you may need to install a magneto coil to replace the defective unit.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket set
  • Feeler gauge set
  • Fine sandpaper


    • 1

      Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug by pulling on the black rubber boot that covers the tip of the spark plug.

    • 2

      Loosen and remove the bolts that hold the starter housing onto the top of the engine. Lift the starter housing off the engine, and set aside.

    • 3

      Rotate the flywheel so the magnets are facing away from the magneto.

    • 4

      Loosen and remove the two bolts that hold the magneto coil in place aside the flywheel. Lift the magneto coil (with the attached spark plug wire) off the engine, and set aside.

    • 5

      Place the new magneto coil into position, and insert the bolts. Hand-tighten the bolts only at this point.

    • 6

      Insert a 0.015-inch feeler gauge between the flywheel and the magneto coil. Adjust the coil so the magneto coil is tight against the feeler gauge, and tighten the two bolts. Remove and re-insert the gauge to verify that the magneto is properly gapped.

    • 7

      Replace the starter housing onto the top of the engine, and tighten the bolts to secure the housing. Reconnect the spark plug wire to the spark plug.

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