How to Negotiate a Better Job Offer

When you are given a job offer, you are either presented with a set salary or an approximate salary, which can be negotiated to reflect your expertise in the industry. You may also need to negotiate a better job offer, if your employer has promoted you to a new job position within the company that includes new responsibilities. If you want to negotiate a better salary for a job, you need to do your research, remain professional and use your expertise and work experience to make your argument.


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      Research online resources, such as or PayScale, to determine how much the job position pays in the industry. According to Best Job Interview, you need to know what you are worth in the industry, and you should use this average salary as a starting point for your salary negotiation. If you have been promoted by your employer, use your old salary as a starting point.

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      Read through newspapers, job boards and local job center positions to determine whether the job is in demand. If the job is in demand, you can use the demand, and the skills and expertise you will bring to it, as an argument.

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      Use your previous work experience to make your arguments for a better job offer. If this is a new job, use your academic experience, volunteering hours and previous work experience to make your arguments. If you have been promoted to a better job within the same company, use your previous experiences in the company as your arguments. Your employer will recognize your accomplishments in the business and trust that your experience will benefit you in the new position.

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      Enter the negotiation with the potential employer. Be confident, smile and show professionalism. According to the U.S. Department of State, you want to show your enthusiasm about the job in question. If this is a promotion, you want to show your passion for the company and how you will do anything to see the company succeed. Avoid including what you need, such as your personal need for a higher income. Instead, focus on your employer's needs and how you are the right person to fill them.

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      Present your arguments before you suggest the salary. If this is a new job, use the requirements for the job position and compare them to your personal experience. If you have recently been promoted, use the different responsibilities as your primary comparison and arguments. For example, if you have been promoted from janitor to management, use the new responsibilities and tasks as your arguments for a new job offer salary.

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      Address any concerns your employer may have regarding the job offer salary. According to the U.S. Department of State, you should be prepared and informed, so you can address any concerns your employer may have. If you can successfully address the concerns, it shows you are prepared and enthused about the position in question.

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