How to Put on Weight in 10 Days

Gaining weight can require as much effort as weight loss.
Gaining weight can require as much effort as weight loss. (Image: Michael Hitoshi/Photodisc/Getty Images)

An entire industry has grown around demand for quick weight loss tips and products, but some people need to gain weight to remain healthy. Like losing weight, the process of gaining weight requires discipline, calorie counting and exercise. Before embarking on a plan to gain weight quickly, consult a health professional to avoid problems and costly mistakes.

Things You'll Need

  • Weight gain supplements
  • Protein shakes

Eat large meals three times a day, as well as two snacks, and do not skip any meals. Set an alarm to go off every three hours to remind you that it is time to eat.

Consume more calories than you burn off through exercise and activities throughout the day. The calorie count of most foods is available on its packaging. Try keeping a log of the calories you consume each day.

Perform resistance training using free weights or machines to gain muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so gaining muscle mass increases overall weight as well as helping shape your body.

Consume weight gain supplements in conjunction with a high-intensity training program. Seek professional guidance from a licensed doctor prior to beginning a supplement regimen to avoid complications.

Drink protein shakes. Mix powder solutions of 2-to-1 carbohydrates to protein and add in one liter of water. Shakes add extra calories and provide energy and nourishment while working out. Drinking a shake before and after your workout can add one pound per week to your frame.

Eat plenty of starches and foods with a high glycemic index. These foods produce the insulin hormone that helps store body fat. Incorporate foods such as potatoes, bread and pasta into at least one meal per day.

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