How to Create a Logo Icon


After you’ve gone through the marketing and design process to create your logo – a graphic image used to represent and brand your organization – you’ll want to make use of it everywhere you can to keep up that recognition. Consider implementing your logo as a website or desktop icon; there’s no requirement that icons have to be generic images of file folders or the logos of the software products they represent. Create a logo icon quickly in just a couple of steps through one of a number of different software programs.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Paint
  • Digital image
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Adobe Photoshop

Using Paint

Open Paint, click the Paint button in the top-left corner of the screen and select “Open.” Browse to the logo file and double-click to open it in the Paint work space.

Click the “Resize” button on the left of the toolbar/ribbon at the top of the screen. The “Resize and Skew” window appears. Check the “Maintain aspect ratio” box; this may already be checked.

Select the “Pixels” button at the top of the window. Type “48” into the larger of the “Horizontal” or “Vertical” boxes. The other box will automatically calculate to a number less than 48.

Click the “OK” button. The logo image shrinks down to icon size.

Click the "Paint" button and select “Save As.” Type a new name for the logo icon. Don’t save it with the name of the original or it will overwrite the regular-size logo.

Using Publisher

Open Publisher and click the “Blank 8.5 x 11” button on the “Available Templates” screen. Reduce the work page to icon size by clicking the “Page Design” tab and selecting the “Size” button below the tab. Click “Page Setup.” Pull down the “Layout type” menu and select “One page per sheet.” Type “.64” into both the “Width” and “Height” boxes and click “OK.” The work space adjusts size.

Click the “Insert” tab at the top of the screen. Select the “Picture” button below the tab. Browse to the logo file and double-click it, opening it on the logo work space, probably much too large.

Hold down the “Shift” key on the keyboard. Click a corner of the logo and drag it in toward the middle to shrink the image to fit the icon white space. Drag the logo into place.

Click the “File” tab at the top of the screen. Select “Save As.” Type a name for the logo icon, select “GIF” from the “Save as type” menu and save the file to the computer.

Using Photoshop

Open Photoshop, click the “File” menu and select “Open.” Navigate to the logo and double-click the file name. The logo image opens in the Photoshop work area.

Pull down the “Image” menu at the top of the screen. Select “Image Size.” Check the “Constrain Proportions” box at the bottom of the window; it may already be checked.

Pull down the “Pixel Dimensions” drop-downs for “Width” and “Height” at the top of the window and select “pixels"; this may already be selected.

Type “48” into the larger dimension box. The “Width” or “Height” box will adjust in accordance with the other. Click the “OK” button. The logo icon resizes on the work space.

Click the “File” menu, select “Save As,” give the icon a new name and save it to the computer.

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