How to Terminate an Employee in the Probation Period


An employee probationary period occurs immediately after being hired, and it is when the employee is monitored to ensure his performance meets the standards established by the company. The duration of a probationary period varies from business-to-business; however, if the performance of a new hire does not match the standards established by the company, the employee might need to be terminated.

Things You'll Need

  • Performance evaluation report
  • Employee manual
  • Termination sheet
  • Termination papers
  • Review the performance evaluation report of the employee. This report covers the daily or weekly performance of the employee. While the exact information within this report will vary according to the industry and position held by the employee, it will give an accurate account of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses within the position.

  • Outline the substandard parts within the report and compile a list of reasons the employee is not fulfilling the requirements of the position. If the employee works in a sales position, the substandard parts of the report might include lack of sales, unsatisfactory customer service skills and not following up with customers.

  • Highlight sections within the employee manual or company policy manual that refer to the expectations of the employee. The manual should clearly explain what the company expects from new hires within a probation period. By referencing these sections, you can clearly inform the employee why she is being terminated.

  • Compile a termination sheet for the employee, explaining the company’s decision. The information within this sheet will vary according to the industry and position held by the employee; however, it should consist of detailed reasons why the employee is being terminated.

  • Schedule a meeting with the employee. Review the performance evaluation sheet and cross reference the employee’s shortcomings with the expectations the company requires of all employees.

  • Thank the employee for his time, and have him sign any termination sheets, if required.

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