How to Have a Professional Administer an IQ Test


An IQ test, otherwise known as an intelligence test, quizzes knowledge to form an idea about a person's ability when compared to others in society. There are several online tests that suggest they are meant for intelligence testing, but these tests are considered inaccurate and are not an indication of personal intelligence. Regardless of the reason for getting an IQ test, the only tests that are appropriate to suggest an actual IQ number are those given by a professional.

  • Talk to a doctor. Anyone with health insurance that requires a referral from a family doctor must obtain the referral before they are able to get the appropriate professional for the IQ test. Ask for a referral to an appropriate professional. A psychologist is usually considered an appropriate professional for intelligence testing.

  • See the psychologist. Ask about the IQ test. The psychologist might not be able to administer the test or might not currently have the test available in their office. Asking about the test will allow them to determine if they can provide the test or not. If they are unable to give the test personally, they will give a reference to a psychologist or facility that can administer the test.

  • Take the test. Whether taken at the psychologist's office or at a facility, the test administered by a psychological professional is a legitimate test. The cost will vary dramatically depending on the situation, insurance and the doctor administering the test.


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