How to Clear the Output Bin on an HP LaserJet 4050


Your HP LaserJet 4050 printer has two output bins where a printed document is expelled from the machine. The bins are on the front and back of the printer. If you frequently perform high-volume print jobs, eventually you may have a paper jam at either output bin, with paper becoming stuck inside the rollers. The jammed output bin will no longer function until the stuck paper is manually removed.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • Unplug the LaserJet's power cable and turn it around so the back of the printer is facing you. Grip the top edge of the plastic output bin and pull it down so the inside of the output bin is visible.

  • Grip the edge of any exposed paper jammed inside the output bin. Slowly but firmly pull the paper toward you until it comes out of the output bin. Push up the output bin to return it to the original closed position.

  • Turn the printer around so the front is facing you again. Lift open the output bin at the top of the printer, which is positioned in front of the control panel.

  • Repeat the procedure of pulling any jammed paper out of the front output bin. Close the front output bin and plug in the LaserJet's power cable.

  • Tap the "Menu" key repeatedly until the "Print Quality Menu" option appears on the control panel's LCD screen. Tap the "Item" key until the "Create Cleaning Page" entry appears on the screen.

  • Press the "Select" button on the control panel to print off a standard sheet of paper as a cleaning page and ensure the printing path to the output bins is clear.

Tips & Warnings

  • The internal area of the output bin may become dusty or clogged with debris over time, which causes printing problems. When the output bins are open you may want to wipe them out with a soft cloth.
  • The LaserJet 4050 automatically prints to whichever output bin is currently open. If you have problems while printing with the front output bin, close the bin and open the rear output bin. Leaving both bins open will default the printer to using the front bin.

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