How to Reset a Remote Ezee Start Transmitter

The Ezee Start remote transmitter is a handheld remote that you can wirelessly sync to your car's engine starter. These remote starters can be almost universally synced to most transmitter types and are used to auto start your engine from up to a couple hundred feet away. You can use this technology to warm your car on a cold winter day without ever leaving your house to go outside. The process outlined here is for Crimestopper Security Products' EZ-90 and EZ-91 Ezee Start transmitters.


    • 1

      Open the hood of your car and turn your key in the ignition to the "on" position.

    • 2

      Locate the programming button inside your hood for the Ezee Start transmitter.

    • 3

      Press the programming button four times and wait a few seconds for the car's parking lights to flash four times.

    • 4

      Press the Lock button on your remote and wait for the light to flash two more times to indicate successful programming.

    • 5

      Turn the ignition key to the "off" position and close the hood to finish the process.

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