How to Adjust Throttle Tension in VTX


Every time you roll the twist grip of your Honda VTX-series motorcycle forward or back, the steel cables on the underside of the grip housing operate the throttle slides within the carburetor. Over time, these cables begin to stretch, preventing the throttle from opening completely, effectively limiting the motorcycle's power. Maintaining proper cable tension, via a set of adjusters on either end of the cables, will reduce the risk of power loss and cable damage. Although Honda recommends that the throttle cables be checked and adjusted every 8,000 miles, doing so frequently will ensure your safety on the road.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape
  • 10-mm wrench
  • Sit on the motorcycle and lift it into an upright position. Start the motor and let it idle.

  • Place a small piece of tape over the top of the twist grip to indicate a fully closed throttle position. Roll the twist grip toward you until the throttle begins to open, indicated by the rise in the engine's speed. Take note of the position of the tape on the top of the twist grip. Ideally, the twist grip should have a maximum free play -- the distance the grip can roll back before opening the throttle -- of 6 millimeters (1/4 inch).

  • Loosen the cable adjuster's lock nut on the top throttle cable on the underside of the twist grip housing, using a 10-mm wrench.

  • Turn the cable adjuster clockwise to loosen the cable and increase the amount of free play within the twist grip, using a 10-mm wrench. Turn the cable adjuster counterclockwise to tighten the cable and decrease free play, using a 10-mm wrench.

  • Recheck the twist grip's free play and make adjustments as needed. Tighten the lock nut against the bottom of the cable adjuster, using a 10-mm wrench.

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