How to Close All Open Browser Windows With Java


Java does not, in and of itself, contain the tools needed to close other programs built into itself. However, don't let that stop you from applying your Java skills to automating your other tasks. By using Java's built-in "Runtime.getRuntime().exec" command, you can call the necessary tools from the operating system itself to achieve the task.

  • Open your text editor and immediately save the new file as ""

  • Paste the following code into the editor:


    public class BrowserKill {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

    String os = System.getProperty("");

    if (os.contains("Windows")) {

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("taskkill /F /IM chrome.exe");

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("taskkill /F /IM iexplorer.exe");

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("taskkill /F /IM firefox.exe");

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("taskkill /F /IM safari.exe");

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("taskkill /F /IM opera.exe");

    } else {

    // Assuming a non Windows OS will be some version of Unix, Linux, or Mac

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("kill `ps -ef | grep -i firefox | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'`");

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("kill `ps -ef | grep -i chrome | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'`");

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("kill `ps -ef | grep -i safari | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'`");




    This simply inspects the OS name to find out if it is a Windows or non-Windows PC. If Windows, it calls the Windows operating system command "taskkill" for a list of common browsers. If a non-Windows PC, it assumes that it is a Unix-based PC and calls the Unix "kill" command for a list of common browsers.

  • Save your Java file.

Tips & Warnings

  • This gets the job done, but as you can see, it has a few disadvantages. First, it assumes that all non-Windows operating systems are Unix-based. This assumption will work for everything from Solaris and Mac OS X but may break down on some more exotic operating systems, such as Haiku. Second, it requires you to explicitly list all the browsers you want to stop.
  • The Unix-based command will kill processes with the "firefox," "chrome" or "safari" anywhere in their process names. It is possible that this could kill processes besides the browser. For example, if you have a game installed named "Wild Animal Safari" and are running it under Unix/Linux/Mac OS X, it may confuse the kill command and be terminated along with the Safari browser.

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