How to Diaper a Boy Toddler


Newborn babies may need their diapers changed around 10 times per day which can mean about 70 diapers per week, according to Kids Health. When your baby boy gets to be a toddler he will be able to hold his bladder and bowels longer and will not need to be changed as often. Though you won't run though as many diapers as you did when he was younger, changing a boy toddler's diaper presents its own set of challenges.

Things You'll Need

  • Diaper (cloth with fastener or disposable)
  • Washcloth or baby wipes
  • Ointment or cream
  • Changing pad or table
  • Gather all the supplies you'll need before placing your boy toddler on the changing pad or table. Have everything within reach so you will not need to leave your baby unattended. Also, wash your hands thoroughly before changing a diaper.

  • Lay your toddler on his back on the changing pad or table. Remove the soiled diaper and set aside or throw in a nearby garbage bag or diaper bin. Place a clean diaper or rag over his penis--exposure to cool air tends to cause toddler boys to urinate.

  • Wipe the baby's genitals and bottom gently but thoroughly from front to back with the washcloth or baby wipes. Be sure to get between the creases between the thighs and bottom. Lift your baby's legs gently to make sure you haven't missed any areas. Allow the area to dry thoroughly.

  • Apply diaper ointment or cream to prevent diaper rash before putting on a clean diaper. Place the clean diaper under his bottom and then bring the front through his legs and over his stomach. Because toddlers vary in size, be sure that the diaper fits properly. The fasteners should be level with his belly button and should not be bulky between his legs.

  • Point the penis down before fastening the diaper on your toddler to prevent him from urinating out the front of his diaper. Fasten the diaper and check to be sure that it is tight enough to stay on without pinching. Toddlers are larger and more active than younger babies and may need stronger fasteners.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after changing the toddler's diaper.


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