How to Replace the Rear Trunk Struts on a Volvo 850


The Volvo 850 features gas-filled struts located on the rear trunk hinges. These struts provide smooth operation for opening and closing the trunk lid. The struts also hold the trunk open, making it possible for you to load items into the trunk without having to hold it manually or prop it with a stick. These gas-filled struts can lose their ability to support the weight of the trunk after years of use, resulting in a trunk that needs to be propped open or simply slams shut. Better, replace the struts and your trunk lid will operate like new.

Things You'll Need

  • Prop
  • Pliers
  • Open the trunk of your Volvo 850. Use a prop to hold the trunk open.

  • Locate the retaining clip at the top of the trunk strut. Pull the clip from the trunk strut with a pair of pliers and slide the trunk strut away from the top mount.

  • Free the bottom of the trunk strut from the bottom mount by pushing upward on the trunk strut. Remove the trunk strut from the trunk.

  • Insert the bottom of the new trunk strut onto the bottom mount. Slide the top of the trunk strut into the top mount and reattach the retaining clip to the top of the trunk strut.

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