How to Remove a Campagnolo Cassette


Campagnolo, founded in 1933, has produced a continuous line of coveted of bicycle components. These include, in part, cranks, brakes, derailleurs, gear shifters and cassettes. A cassette is located on the side of the rear wheel and forms a crucial part of the bicycle's gearing. The cassette is comprised of a number of individual cogs edged with metal teeth. Generally cassettes are removed either for servicing and cleaning or replacement. Cassette removal occurs with the rear wheel removed from the bicycle.

Things You'll Need

  • Campagnolo-compatible cassette remover
  • Chain whip
  • Crescent wrench
  • Remove the quick-release axle skewer from the side of the wheel once the wheel has been removed from the bicycle frame. The axle skewer contains a nut at one end, which is loosened and removed by hand. The skewer is then pulled free of the axle and set aside for now.

  • Set the wheel upright, on the tire. The center of the Campagnolo cassette is hollow and allows for the insertion of a special tool called a cassette remover. The cassette remover has notches at one end, which are designed mesh with the notches lining the hollow of the cassette.

  • Insert the cassette remover into the side of the Campagnolo cassette as far as it will go.

  • Pick up the rear wheel quick-release axle skewer. Slide it back through the axle on the side opposite of the cassette. The end will emerge through the center of the cassette removal tool.

  • Screw the nut onto the tip of the quick-release skewer, securing the cassette remover to the side of the Campagnolo cassette. Tighten the nut, by hand, just enough to the hold the cassette remover in place.

  • Turn the wheel so that the cassette is facing away from you.

  • Grab the chain whip with your left hand. Attach the chain portion of the chain whip across the top of any one of the Campagnolo cassette sprockets.

  • Hold the handle of the chain whip even with the ground, in your left hand. With your right hand, attach a crescent wrench to the flat portion of the cassette remover so that the crescent wrench handle is also even with the ground.

  • Push the crescent wrench handle down to loosen the cassette locking ring. The locking ring fixes the cassette to the side of the wheel. Once the locking ring gives, allowing the crescent wrench handle to turn freely, remove all tools and set them aside.

  • Unscrew the nut from the end of the quick-release skewer and once again slide the skewer out of the side of the axle. Unscrew the cassette locking ring by hand the remainder of the way.

  • Lay the wheel on its side with the Campagnolo cassette facing up. Place both sets of fingers beneath the sprocket closest to the side of the wheel. Lift the cassette free of the wheel.

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