How to Prepare for a Geometry Test


Studying for and passing geometry in high school and middle school may be overwhelming for some kids, and simple for others. As with any subject in school, the more you study for a test, the higher your chances are of passing. Mathematics does not involve simply memorizing facts like history class does, so studying for a geometry test takes more focus and preparation. Most of all, passing a geometry test takes practice. Once you feel confident in your ability to solve most geometry problems on your homework and in review, then you will do fine on the test.

  • Memorize the formulas and theorems you will need to use on the geometry test. A lot of geometry involves plugging numbers into a formula to find the area, distance, volume or diameter of a square, rectangle, or parallelogram. Also, fractions may have to be used to find the square units of the area. Your teacher will provide all the formulas you will need to use for the test. If they have not, then ask them to.

  • Practice problems from your homework. If you come across a problem that you find particularly challenging or that you do not understand, than see your teacher after class or during study time to get some extra help before the exam. You should be able to solve your homework problems with confidence. Practice the same with old quizzes. Have your teacher help you work through questions you previously got wrong.

  • Read back through the geometry chapter in your textbook. This will give examples of how to plug numbers into formulas and the logic behind geometry. Also, go over the practice problems in the review section of your book. Pay attention also to all vocabulary words mentioned in your book. Some of the questions on your test may be word problems, and you will be likely to do the problem correctly if you understand the terms used in the question.


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