How to Remember the Acromion Process


Learning human bony anatomy constitutes a simple process. Each bony projection, depression or articulating surface possesses one or multiple names, some of which are in Latin or Greek. This holds true for each of the 206 (give or take) bones of the human body. While this may sound complicated, learning the names of bony anatomy takes much less time and effort than understanding the functions and actions of a single internal organ. The acromion is a projection of the scapula that articulates with the lateral end of the clavicle to form the AC (acromioclavicular) joint of the shoulder.

Things You'll Need

  • Self-adhesive page tabs
  • Pen with washable ink
  • Study a labeled photograph or line drawing of the scapula. Draw, or (if you are not the artistic-type) trace a picture of the scapula and label the acromion process, also referred to as the acromion. Repeat this process several times.

  • Write "acromion" on some self-adhesive page tabs. Locate your acromion by placing the index finger of one hand on the opposite clavicle (collar bone). Slide your finger laterally until you feel an indentation on the top of your shoulder. The indentation sits at the area of your AC joint. The bony bump lateral to your AC joint represents your acromion. Adhere a self-adhesive page tab to the bump. If you can persuade your friends or family to help you with the anatomy lesson, adhere the labeled tabs to their shoulders as well.

  • Locate your acromion and write a capitol "A" on the overlying skin with a washable marker. If possible, recruit friends to help by allowing you to label their bodies with anatomical terms.

  • Use word-association to remember the acromion. Touch your shoulder at the area or your acromion. Imagine a crow perched on top of your shoulder. If it helps, sketch a picture of a person with a crow perched on his or her shoulder.


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